Life attracts life

November 13, 2011


Life attracts life. Advertisements

New Blog: Moore on Sports

April 11, 2011


Now I’m just having fun with the internet. Come visit and talk about sports with me.

Magic Hat…you are my god tonight.

April 8, 2011


It’s nothing that a delicious beer and a positive attitude won’t fix. My life at my most recent job is over. If I believed in god I would thank him here, but I don’t so I’ll thank the microbrewery from which my malty beverage came from. Thank you Magic Hat. After much thought and deliberation […]

I have questions. Answer if you want.

April 8, 2011


There are billions of galaxies, and who know’s how many solar systems. That being the case, do you think God forgot which one he left us in? I ask because it doesn’t seem to me that he pays attention anymore. I know he got you that nifty car a couple of years ago and he […]

RATM: Freedom

April 7, 2011


Uggh! Pull, pull Wuh! Come on! Uggh! Solo, I’m a soloist on a solo list All live, never on a floppy disk Inka, inka, bottle of ink Paintings of rebellion Drawn up by the thoughts I think Yeah! Come on! The militant poet in once again, check it It’s set up like a deck of […]

I may be crazy?

April 6, 2011


You write me off as crazy or delusional. To you I say…enjoy yourself because it will not last. I have accepted that fact and I have shed all inhibition. I am the definition of freedom. If you don’t want to know, then don’t listen. You aren’t ready to hear what I have to say. My […]

I’m lost

April 5, 2011


That feeling of emptiness is coming again. Do I repeat the cycle? I know where it goes and I do not like it. How do I get out of this hell? Where do I go? I wander and wander only to find refuge for a short time. It too will fade and I know it before […]